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Through its membership in the Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce (CIAW), NAWDP has expressed opposition to proposed cuts in the FY18 Labor HHS Appropriations bill, instead urging appropriators in both the House and the Senate to provide the funding needed to maintain critical programs that develop the skills of America’s workers. 

Specifically, we have called for Congress to restore investments in our nation’s workers by:

  • Funding WIOA Title I employment and training programs at authorized levels so states, local areas, and other partners can fully realize the bipartisan vision outlined by WIOA;
  • Funding adult education and literacy programs under Title II of WIOA at least at authorized levels to ensure that the 36 million Americans with low basic skills can take advantage of existing and emerging economic opportunities;
  • Funding Wagner-Peyser Employment Services (ES) activities under Title III of WIOA at current-year levels to give states the additional resources they need to provide WIOA’s intensive reemployment services;
  • Funding the vocational rehabilitation program and other employment services authorized under WIOA Title IV for adults and students with disabilities at current year levels;
  • Funding job training and employment services for older workers (Senior Community Service Employment Program) at no less than current year levels and maintain the proposed funding increase for employment services for at-risk veterans (homeless Veterans Reintegration Program);
  • Maintaining or increasing the $95 million investment in apprenticeship programs in current-year funding;
  • Maintaining support for data collection on program effectiveness by funding the Workforce Data Quality Initiative at current year levels;
  • Funding Perkins CTE state grants at least at $1.3 billion to support CTE programs aligned to needs of business and industry; and
  • Sustaining funding - including preserving the current reserve fund - for the federal Pell Grant program to ensure that the more than 7 million low-income students receiving this critical financial assistance can continue to pursue their education.



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