September is

Workforce Development Professionals Month



The National Association of Workforce Development Professionals has designated September as Workforce Development Professionals Month to honor all those individual professionals who play such a vital role in our nation's economic recovery efforts.

We hope our call for recognition through Workforce Development Professionals Month will strike a responsive chord and bring support from political leadership, businesses, educational agencies, economic development organizations, labor unions and customers who continue to benefit from our services across the country.

Please join us in promoting the value of workforce development, and the critical role that our highly skilled professionals have in meeting the needs of local employers and job seekers, and the contributions that we make to the nation's economy.

How can you or your organization participate? 

CLICK HERE for the complete 2016 Toolkit

  • Browse the one-page Table of Contents to determine what your time and resources will allow in the way of participation.
  • Read for ideas on what to post to social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Look for tips in how to reach out to elected officials and the business community.
  • Find out how to make the most of the time and resources you have to offer in celebrating Workforce Development Professionals Month.
  • Above all, celebrate your own successes as well as those of other professionals you know!

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Thank you for your celebrating Workforce Development Professionals Month!

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