Make the Most of Your Youth Symposium Experience with One of these Great Pre-Symposium Workshops

Option 1:  Alternative Assessment Strategies to Open Doors to Employment for Youth

Working with youth who face barriers and challenges to employment and careers is a major focus under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunities Act.   Where should a workforce professional start? This workshop will cover supports and services that are available from formal and informal sources to support employment outcomes for youth and young adults who face multiple barriers to employment, including youth with disabilities. 

Specifically, participants will

  • Gain a better understanding of alternative approaches to assessing the capabilities, interests, and ideal conditions for employment for youth with barriers to employments;
  • Explore various approaches to Discovery, Guided Group Discovery and Self-Guided Discovery for youth;
  • Identify formal and informal support available for youth from public and private sources; and
  • Discuss way to use Discovery to actively engage youth in taking ownership of their job search and career development processes

Facilitated By:  Rebecca Salon and Brittany Taylor, National Center on Leadership for the Employment and Economic Advancement of People with Disabilities (LEAD Center) at National Disability Institute, and Janet Steveley, Griffin-Hammis Associates

Option 2:  Youth Outreach and Recruitment: How to Connect with Our Disconnected Youth

Reaching the target population of a program for young people is often easier said than done. As the expectations become higher and more specific, the quality of outreach and recruitment efforts become vital for timely outcomes and goal achievement. Falling behind on recruitment expectations and timelines, negatively impacts project development and staff morale. This workshop will provide participants with specific guidelines for assessing, refining and/or improving efforts.

Specifically, participants will

  • Develop an action plan outline for their own program based on group activities designed to learn how other projects conduct outreach and recruitment across the country;
  • Learn how to evaluate partnerships and identify what types of partnerships can be strengthened to improve referral pipelines; and
  • Identify and exchange best practices to bolster tangible action steps and clearly link those actions steps to desired outcomes.

Facilitated By: Tressa Dorsey and Aaron Leson, TAD Grants, Sacramento, CA 

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